A house-school-lab of tomorrow’s world

a new art of living

The Villa Shamengo is first of all a house in which about twenty residents will experience every day in-vivo the values of Shamengo. These volunteers will welcome any visitor who wants to discover and share with them a new way of life, from few hours to few days or even few weeks.

A recreational and educational approach will offer an easier way to understand tomorrow’s world challenges and how to respond to them by testing full-scale solutions in the areas of eco-construction, housing, energy, water, waste management, food, connected home… and more systemically in our daily routines.

A living space, a learning area perfect for trying things out, and…

Learn and share

The Villa Shamengo is also a learning space, a school, the school of tomorrow’s world. Through an evolving customized program the Villa offers an ‘a la carte’ training that can be done in the Villa or on line, according to your wish to discover a new art of living, to apply new skills to the every day, to be trained for tomorrow’s jobs.

The construction of the Villa Shamengo will be part of the training. Designed as a giant Master Class, it will allow families, professionals, pupils and students to share history and secret knowledge of exceptional innovators, called Shamengo Pioneers.


Testing selected innovations

Finally, the Villa Shamengo is at once a public, a private and a citizen research laboratory. Anyone who makes a request will be allowed to use this area of life, to seek our beta-tester community to experience a range of products, tools and uses in link with our four core values. The results published in open-source will build a valuable database to continuously improve our lifestyles.

Our partners


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