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Creating with ethics

« When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion. » Abraham Lincoln

Unbridled capitalism

Due to the globalization of the economy, relocation of production activities is favoured to countries with low labour costs and a less scrupulous approach to environmental pollution.

Digitalized world

Due to the speeding up of the emergence of artificial intelligence, the interconnection of man and machine will be intensified and will challenge the supremacy of Homo Sapiens.

Hyper consumerism

Due to globalization and digitalization of the economy, professional fulfilment will deeply modify the work environment of white and blue-collar workers.

Wealth concentration

Due to today’s growing income inequalities, by 2050 the 0.1% of the world wealthy population asset will be equivalent to the total of the world middle class revenues.

Revival of the Commons

Facilitating a new economical paradigm by promoting social entrepreneurship whose mission is not personal enrichment but general interest in the service to the common good.

Synergy of all intelligences

To work in a rewarding way with all types of intelligence (human, animal, plant or artificial) while respecting their différences.

Responsible consumption

To raise awareness among all of us in our purchasing actions, to direct our choices towards a more qualitative consumption including the taking into account of work, environment, social protection and transfer of profits.

Wealth distribution

To use different tools to measure wealth created across the world and to redistribute it more equally through a determined fight against tax fraud and the introduction of new forms of compensation and taxation.

Discover the Shamengo pioneers who create with ethics!

Jim Denevan

Santa Cruz / United States
My works exist in harmony with the natural world

With his simple tools, this artist creates monumental works by tracing out perfectly geometrical forms in the sand. It’s a poetic reflection on time and the relationship of human beings to the natural world.

A Villa where daily creativity is exercised ethically

Since the Homo sapiens has come into the world, he has consistently used his intelligence. It has allowed him to reach the top of the food chain and create a society of abundance. It is now time to inject ethics into everything he undertakes. This is what we intend to convey in the management and the governance of the Villa.

Shamengo School

Learn how to create with ethics: One of our four core teaching components of a new art of leaving.