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Hack your brain, change your way of life, become a Shaman of a new world

According to the Institute of the Future, 85% of 2030 jobs haven’t been invented yet!

In a rapidly evolving society, the Shamengo School, a new world component, is open to all who seek personal, professional and collective fulfilment.

Innovative in both form and substance, it offers everyone lifelong training

Our teaching

Like a new born baby, our students discover a new realm: it’s the world of tomorrow which we are seeking.

They are then invited to learn by doing in order to master the new skills of the green, social and digital transitions.

In a creative way, each training level opens to the next:



Inspire your life: 

Discover a new world



Empower your time: 

Meet with your innovator



Make utopia your business:

Conquer tomorrow’s jobs

Shamengo School will soon offer educational contents developed by Shamengo pioneers whose specialized expertizes rank among the best in the world. There will be not just webinars and online tutorials, but also workshops DIY (Do It Yourself) and Live Master Classes at the Villa Shamengo in Bordeaux.