Shamengo is a French non-profit organization (‘association Loi 1901’). Your donation will help us to continue to promote the best green, social and digital innovation on the planet, to the benefit of a new art of living: Caring for the mind and body, Creating with ethics, Protecting the planet, Caring for others.

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A targeted donation

According to your wish, your donation will be allocated to:

  • The Villa Shamengo construction: architectural studies, legal authorizations, participatory site management, fabric or finishing work.
  • Production of videos: portraits of new Shamengo Pioneers, tutorials and educational videos on Shamengo Pioneers innovations.
  • Community animation: moderation and management and new features development of the website, events organization for Shamengo community.

Even if Shamengo association is non-profit, it does not benefit from the tax deduction system.

To support us, you can also join our team of volunteers, buy Pioneers’ products via the Shamengo online shop, or become a sponsor of the Villa Shamengo… There are a thousand ways to get involved and build a new world!