Ethical fashion

    Eric Dorleac

    Paris / France
    Nous utilisons les outils numériques au service du réemploi des déchets
    Au côté de trois autres architectes fraîchement diplômés de l’école d’architecture de Paris Malaquais, Eric a souhaité questionner le statut des déchets et leur réemploi. Pimp Your Waste propose un nouveau processus industrialisable de revalorisation des matériaux grâce à l’utilisation des outils numériques (robots et algorithmes). Le projet vise à allier technologies high-tech et low-tech au sein d'un même objet. Une gamme de mobilier design en bois recyclé est d'ores et déjà disponible.  

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    Design thinking workshops

    25 January 2017
    Shamengo Villa

    A Shamengo intern in Cambodia

    21 June 2016
    Bruno Anes, a Master’s student in Innovation at the University of Grenoble, is doing a 4-month internship at Samatoa, the company started by our pioneer Awen Delaval. Bruno offers his thoughts on this unusual work experience, organised in partnership with the Promising program.

    Awen Delaval joins the Shamengo Villa

    27 April 2016
    Based in Cambodia, French pioneer Awen Delaval manufactures lotus thread, the only natural microfiber in the world.

    Elyx is now ready-to-wear!

    31 March 2016
    Since 2015, Elyx has been illustrating and supporting the Shamengo Villa challenges. Already known in his paper and digital forms, he’s now featuring on a textile in two new ethical fashion collections created by Made in Sens.

    Nina Raeber: inspired and ethical accessories!

    17 March 2016
    Returning from Haiti, our pioneer Nina Raeber is relocating her business to Switzerland and launching a new collection of bags inspired by the traditional embroidery and beading of voodoo flags.

    Valérie Pache joins the Shamengo Villa

    23 February 2016
    Valérie Pache has just signed an exclusive agreement with the French Parachuting Federation and is joining the Shamengo villa.