Pollution reduction

    François et Nathalie Capitaine

    Bordeaux / France
    Our new-generation mosquito net is 100% effective, light and refreshing
    Invisible and unbreakable, Mostiglass is a new generation of mosquito net made out of perforated plastic which comes in two versions: a flexible model which can be rolled up, and a rigid model. The dimension of the holes is perfectly effective against all mosquitoes, even small ones like the tiger mosquito. The trials have been validated by the Development Research Institute (IRD), an organization accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO). The shape of the holes makes it possible for light to pass through without diffracting it. Certain types of openings allow outside air above 20 ° C to cool by passing through the hole with a Venturi effect. Both versions are customisable in colour and the arrangement of the holes. The Mostiglass can also be adapted to ventilation and air inlets. Mostiglass has great visibility compared to traditional mosquito nets, which generally cause a loss of around 50% of light transmission, while Mostiglass is equivalent to conventional glazing. A product made in France and which limits the use of insecticides.