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Renewable Energy

    Discover the Shamengo pioneers who protect the planet!

    Jean Riondel

    HYERES / France
    Our power stations and biomass boilers transform organic waste into energy
    Jean Riondel develops, constructs and finances solutions for renewable energy production. Through the external combustion of a variety of wet biomass, the ‘Mini Green Power’ stations and boilers, which are like non-polluting agricultural incinerators, use all kinds of organic waste (poultry litter, green algae) in order to produce electricity, AC or heating! Mini Green Power’s know-how in integrating renewable energy production, storage and renewable energy control technologies also enables the company to implement turnkey photovoltaic or hybrid solutions.

    Prenons soin de nous informer !

    Shamengo fait voyager SNCF Réseau en Suisse !

    3 March 2018
    Du 29 janvier au 2 février dernier

    Rémi Succoja lève plus de 800.000 €

    8 January 2018
    en moins de 6 semaines !

    International woman’s day

    8 March 2017
    Bunker Roy, friend to “grannies” training to be solar engineers

    Shamengo at Tuesdays at ARENE in Paris

    21 June 2016
    On Tuesday, June 14, Catherine Berthillier was the guest speaker at ARÈNE Ile-de-France, the regional agency that supports French territories in their efforts to transition to green energy. She hosted a conference on innovation at the heart of the transformation of the territories.

    Paul Benoît joins the Shamengo Villa

    16 May 2016
    This Shamengo pioneer invented Q.rad digital radiators. His revolutionary innovation heats homes and buildings with smart radiators that use the calculations of computer microprocessors as a heat source.