I built the multi-hybrid aeroplane of the future

Raphaƫl Dinelli

France / Talmont Saint Hilaire
Innovation : Prototype
Eraole is the pioneer of a new form of aviation which is environmentally-friendly. Its design and performance make it an exceptional machine. Its traction is provided by two electric motors and a multi-hybrid power station that produces electricity on board the aircraft with renewable and clean energies. Its energy sources are solar energy (25%) via photovoltaic cells that cover the wings, vegetable oil (70%) to power a heat engine, and hydrogen produced in flight by hydrolysis. Not to mention the excellent smoothness of the aircraft. This drive chain makes it possible to carry out long-haul flights in complete safety. In the event of a failure of one of the traction chain systems, the aircraft can continue its flight in reduced speed mode and land safely, unlike a single-engine airplane where the failure requires an emergency landing. In 2018, Eraole completed a Tour de France: 1,200 km and 1 hour 30 minutes of flight. In 2019, it had a record endurance and altitude, with a flight of 10 hours at 9,200 feet. In 2020, Eraole will attempt to cross the Mediterranean in the footsteps of Roland Garros. In 2021, it will be crossing the Atlantic in the footsteps of Charles Lindbergh, going from New York to Paris entirely in electric flight mode.

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