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Psychological balance

    Prenons soin de nous informer !

    Fixer un inconnu dans les yeux pendant une minute ?

    14 October 2015
    Shamengo vous propose de venir vous essayer à une expérience qui sort de l’ordinaire : se regarder dans les yeux à l’occasion du « The World’s Biggest Eye Contact experiment »

    A couchsurfing world tour

    1 April 2015
    Photographer Malte Jäger immortalized his months-long world tour with the global community of couchsurfers- the initiative of our pioneer Daniel Hoffer. The shots captured from his travels document the different types of hospitality that he was offered around the world.

    Release of J. Kabuta’s book on Kasàlà

    19 March 2015
    Jean Kabuta, an inspiring Congolese preacher, shares his culture and his trans- generational heritage with his new book, Kasàlà: a school of wonder.

    Forward, march, laugh!

    11 March 2015
    Our pioneer Dr. Madan Kataria – a GP in Bombay and the creator of laughter clubs – has been on a tour this week of more than 15 European countries.

    My teacher is a baby!

    3 March 2015
    The ‘Roots of Empathy’ program has launched in Switzerland. By interacting with infants, children and parents are taught to learn the language of emotions and to cultivate empathy.