Psychological balance

    Marlène Varnerin

    Paris / France
    I founded a bilingual publishing house for sign language
    Inclood is an innovative publishing house which publishes books via a mobile application in two languages; French and sign language. The app (available for free on the Appstore and Google Play) connects to the paper book using augmented reality technology. The user opens a page of the book, selects the image he will scan with the application and then a video with both sign language and audio is activated! The application is free, but specially-adapted books sometimes have a price. This innovation was designed for deaf young people and adults with reading difficulties, parents of deaf children, teachers in bilingual schools, as well as anyone else interested in the sign language community. This idea was born from the observation that there are, to date, very few bilingual French/sign language books. Meanwhile, 50% of the deaf population struggle at school due to difficulties in understanding French. The production of educational and cultural materials gives them access to the pleasure of reading thanks to the videos in the app, which help the user link sign language to the French language.