I teach you how to be happy

Tal Ben Shahar

Worldwide / Herzliya
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Can happiness be taught in just a few lessons? That’s the surprising job of this Israeli who teaches positive psychology at several universities. At Harvard University in the US, his is the most popular course on offer.

During the interview, we of course asked Tal if he was happy. He gave the faint outlines of a smile to hear the same question he is asked several times a day. Then he responded that he is not a happy fool! Happiness is a daily discipline, allowing him to be a little happier with each passing day. QED.

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Happiness at your fingertips with Tal Ben Shahar

12 November 2014
To celebrate the release of his latest book Choose the Life You Want: The Mindful Way to Happiness, this week we’re honouring our pioneer, the renowned Harvard professor of positive psychology, Tal Ben Shahar, who revolutionized the way we talk about happiness. His latest book offers 101 simple and fun exercises to make the right decisions with serenity.