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Healthy food

    Discover the Shamengo pioneers who take care of their mind and body and of all of us!

    Prenons soin de nous informer !

    La Boîte à Champignons joins the Shamengo Villa

    4 May 2016
    The Shamengo Villa restaurant menu will feature exceptional oyster mushrooms produced and harvested on site by Mushroom Box (la Boîte à Champignons). Nothing is lost, only transformed...

    Cédric Auriol joins the Shamengo Villa

    27 April 2016
    One of the great challenges of the 21st century will be feeding 9 billion people while maintaining the ecological balance of the planet.

    Explore alternatives to meat

    6 April 2016
    Global meat consumption has increased fivefold between 1950 and 2000, leading to an unprecedented concentration of livestock farms and tragic consequences for the environment. How can we meet the challenge of providing healthy, ethically produced food for 9 billion people?

    When ducks fly to the rescue of rice

    21 April 2015
    To grow his organic rice in France’s Camargue region, Bernard Poujol uses an unusual technique: ducks in his rice fields eliminate the need for pesticides. He imported the idea from our Japanese pioneer Takao Furuno.