Medical Innovation

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    Harmonie Mutuelle et Shamengo s'engagent ensemble pour faire vivre la santé au coeur !

    7 February 2018
    Le leader de la protection sociale en France soutient depuis l’automne 2017 le projet de la Villa Shamengo. L’objectif du groupe mutualiste est de réfléchir au thème de la santé globale et à l’évolution du métier de la mutualité.  Une première réunion a eu lieu le 19 janvier dernier pour lancer le groupe de travail […]

    The Peery Foundation supports Mobile Medic

    20 April 2016
    Mobile Medic, the non-profit founded by Shamengo pioneer Josh Nesbit has just received a $1M grant from the Peery Foundation to support health care access in developing countries.

    Riders for Health stages “Day of Champions”

    19 August 2015
    Every year during the week before the famous British MotoGP, thousands of Grand Prix fans join Riders for Health for the charity event Day of Champions.

    L’exosquelette ReWalk est lancé en Inde

    7 July 2015
    Notre entreprise pionnière ReWalk vient de sceller un partenariat avec Saimed Innovations (leader sur le marché des technologies médicales) pour distribuer son système d’exosquelette en Inde.

    ReWalk exoskeleton approved for residential use in USA

    21 October 2014
    In 2001, Amit Goffer created the ReWalk exoskeleton, which allows paralyzed people to walk again. With this advanced support structure, users can regain the capacity to walk independently, after a period of training. This revolutionary system is now available to American and Canadian homes!

    The unknown qualities of hypnoses...

    9 April 2014
    After having introduced hypnoses in operating rooms, our belgium pioneer Marie-Elizabeth Feymonville is now spreading its use. She's currently helping women with breast cancer fight tiredness. Let's focus on this practice whose qualities are still largely unknown...