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Physical well-being

    Discover the Shamengo pioneers who take care of their mind and body and of all of us!

    Jean Thoby

    Gaujacq / France
    I harness the electrical frequencies of plants and transcribe them into music
    Like any living being, plants emit a frequency and electrical waves. By attaching sensors to just one leaf and one root, the Device Box retransmits the captured waves into sounds. This generates very harmonious sounds which reveal the state of the plant’s well being. This music has also been studied for its health benefits for humans. The plant music conference-concerts aim to introduce people to the vegetal conscience, the most recent scientific discoveries on the subject and simply to let people listen to the beautiful harmonies composed by different plants. It encourages us to wonder about the cognitive abilities of plants and their ways of communicating with us.

    Prenons soin de nous informer !

    Recharge your batteries, anytime, anywhere!

    13 January 2016
    In France, battery-charging bikes are popping up in a number of SNCF train stations. These machines, which facilitate our nomadic lifestyles, are being installed in city centres... A good time to revisit our Shamengo pioneer Georgie Delaney, the brains behind this ingenious concept.

    Forward, march, laugh!

    11 March 2015
    Our pioneer Dr. Madan Kataria – a GP in Bombay and the creator of laughter clubs – has been on a tour this week of more than 15 European countries.

    Men in skirts storm Luxembourg Palace !

    5 February 2015
    On the occasion of Women’s Day, ten skirt-clad men from the Hommes en Jupes (HEJ) association will visit the "Palais du Luxembourg". It’s an opportunity to reopen the debate on gender parity in daily life.

    Atrapaniebla: a heavenly brew

    28 January 2015
    Marco and Miguel Carcuro are producing a one-of-a-kind craft beer from the region of Coquimbo, Chile. It is made with water that has been harvested from clouds or fog using a water trap developed by our pioneer Carlos Espinosa.

    Rechargez vos batteries partout, par tous les temps !

    15 October 2014
    En France, les vélos-chargeurs de batterie se multiplient à grande vitesse dans les gares SNCF. Ces machines, qui facilitent notre mode de vie nomade s’installent au cœur de nos villes… Retour sur ce concept avec notre pionnière Shamengo, Georgie Delaney, à l’origine de cet ingénieux concept.