Empowerment/Women's rights

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    A First Lady at Lady Mechanic

    3 March 2016
    Our pioneer Sandra Aguebor was visited by Daniela Schadt, wife of the German President Joachim Gauck. It’s an opportunity to (re) discover this Nigerian NGO that rescues at-risk women by offering them employment.

    The scandal of "bride kidnapping" coming to a cinema

    9 September 2015
    Our pioneer Gazi’s NGO is launching a crowdfunding campaign to produce a film that will denounce the practices of bride kidnapping and forced marriage in Kyrgyzstan.

    Sulabh International invites widows to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

    3 September 2015
    Defying Indian social taboos, the Indian NGO Sulabh International encourages widows to participate in religious ceremonies from which they are traditionally excluded.

    In India, an inclusive festival of colours

    3 March 2015
    For the Hindu celebration of Holi, our pioneer Bindeshwar Pathak (through his NGO Sulabh), once again broke a taboo by inviting socially-ostracized widows to participate in this ‘festival of colours’.

    "Solar Cooker" takes its place in the sun

    18 February 2015
    In Bombay, the Guinness Book of Records has just documented the largest ever number of solar ovens used at a single gathering. It’s a commendable event, supported by our pioneer Beverly Blum.

    10 years of Lady Mechanics

    19 November 2014
    Who would have thought 10 years ago that the Lady Mechanics Initiative (LMI), the brainchild of our Nigerian pioneer Sandra Aguebor, would be blowing out so many candles this week? These training garages help to reintegrate women into society, including many who have suffered the humiliation of prostitution.