I fight against bride kidnapping

Gazi Babaiarova

Kyrgyzstan / Bishkek
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
In Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, the majority of men kidnap the woman they wish to marry. A victim of this practice as a student, Gazi escaped her captor and took up the fight against this illegal tradition with amazing success.

The first time we met Gazi was to film a 26min report with Elise Menand for broadcast on the France 2 program Envoyé Spécial. Since then, Gazi has become a great friend. With her pioneering work, radiant personality, selfless commitment—she had everything we were looking for in a Shamengo pioneer and she immediately agreed to be part of the project.

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Actualités du pionnier

The scandal of “bride kidnapping” coming to a cinema

9 September 2015
Our pioneer Gazi’s NGO is launching a crowdfunding campaign to produce a film that will denounce the practices of bride kidnapping and forced marriage in Kyrgyzstan.

Défi Shamengo du mois: mobilisons-nous pour lutter contre l’enlèvement et le mariage forcé des femmes Kirghizes !

13 March 2014
Chaque année, c’est 15 000 femmes Kirghizes qui se font enlever et marier de force… Shamengo et l’ONG de notre pionnière Gazi, the Kyz Korgon Institute, s’associent pour récolter le maximum de signatures et éveiller une conscience internationale… À vous de jouer !