I’m cooking with solar!

Beverly Blum

Africa / sacramento
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
30 years ago, this stay-at-home mother was shocked to learn that no one in Africa was cooking with solar. That was all the incentive she needed to travel halfway around the world and introduce African women to her solar oven.

The basic version of the solar oven promoted by Beverly’s NGO was developed in France. All that’s required to start cooking is to unfold the silver-plated box. We couldn’t resist trying it in our office in Paris. The result: it works great! Provided the sun is shining of course. Best to have a plan B, especially if you’re expecting guests…

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  1. Benjamain TIADJOUE
  2. Alexandra Palazzolo
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Actualités du pionnier

“Solar Cooker” takes its place in the sun

18 February 2015
In Bombay, the Guinness Book of Records has just documented the largest ever number of solar ovens used at a single gathering. It’s a commendable event, supported by our pioneer Beverly Blum.