Empowerment of the disabled

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    A big match for Radio Colifata

    29 July 2015
    Radio Colifata, a station created by psychiatrist Olivera and run by patients with mental illnesses, is changing up its programming with a new sports feature.

    Turning colorblindness into super-vision

    29 April 2015
    Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg, is pushing the boundaries of science yet again. Our pioneer is now able to perceive colours that are invisible to the naked eye.

    Exhibition takes a journey into old age

    10 December 2014
    After the resounding success of his Dialogue in the Dark exhibition, our pioneer Andreas Heinecke has developed an innovative new show Dialogue with Time: a fun and creative reflection on aging currently at the Frankfurt Museum for Communication and at the Children’s Museum in Holon.

    Maximum visibility for Focus On Vision eyewear!

    3 December 2014
    With the success of his adjustable eyeglasses in Africa and India, our pioneer Jan In’t Veld is thinking big and has set a target to produce 10 million pairs Focusspec by 2020. He’s launched a crowdfunding campaign to meet his goal.

    Le polymère de cacahuète, successeur du bois composite

    15 February 2013
    Utiliser les peaux de cacahuètes pour fabriquer des matériaux plastiques, tel est le pari d’un groupe de créatrices industrielles de Córdoba. Le processus permettrait de valoriser des milliers de tonnes de déchets issus de la production d’arachide, pour créer un produit innovant et recyclable.