Waste management

    Astrid et Alexandre Suermondt

    PARIS / France
    We’ve made the most sustainable espadrille in the world
    In 2004, the siblings Astrid and Alexandre Suermondt launched their brand “R. by Angarde” (meaning “avant-garde” in old French), a French espadrille brand whose shoes are made out of short-circuit recycled materials and are waterproof and long-lasting. They are machine-washable and the inside soles are made of anti-odor and anti-bacterial microfibres. Eco-friendly due to their free recycling at the end of their life, the cool and relaxed “R. by Angarde” espadrille look is for sure the most sustainable on the planet.  

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    Que sont-ils devenus ?

    18 April 2019
    TAMMY DUNAKIN - " Je loue mes chèvres pour tondre vos pelouses "

    Shamengo fait voyager SNCF Réseau en Suisse !

    3 March 2018
    Du 29 janvier au 2 février dernier

    Shamengo at Tuesdays at ARENE in Paris

    21 June 2016
    On Tuesday, June 14, Catherine Berthillier was the guest speaker at ARÈNE Ile-de-France, the regional agency that supports French territories in their efforts to transition to green energy. She hosted a conference on innovation at the heart of the transformation of the territories.

    Martha Delgado joins the Shamengo Villa

    1 June 2016
    Shamengo pioneer and a leading figure in the environmental movement in Mexico, Martha Delgado is supporting the construction project of the Shamengo Villa in Bordeaux.

    Shamengo Villa: An experiment in zero-waste living

    20 April 2016
    The American « Zero Waste » movement is expanding to Europe, with Italy and Spain at the forefront. France currently lags behind, but after a year of effort, this anti-waste movement is gaining momentum.

    Ecovative mushrooming to new heights!

    13 April 2016
    Ecovative, the company founded by our American pioneer Eben Bayer continues to grow. They’ve just opened a second plant in New York to increase production of their organic packing material and panels made from mushrooms.