Biodiversity protection

    Jean Thoby

    Gaujacq / France
    I harness the electrical frequencies of plants and transcribe them into music
    Like any living being, plants emit a frequency and electrical waves. By attaching sensors to just one leaf and one root, the Device Box retransmits the captured waves into sounds. This generates very harmonious sounds which reveal the state of the plant’s well being. This music has also been studied for its health benefits for humans. The plant music conference-concerts aim to introduce people to the vegetal conscience, the most recent scientific discoveries on the subject and simply to let people listen to the beautiful harmonies composed by different plants. It encourages us to wonder about the cognitive abilities of plants and their ways of communicating with us.

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    Que sont-ils devenus ?

    18 April 2019
    TAMMY DUNAKIN - " Je loue mes chèvres pour tondre vos pelouses "

    How to save the Great Barrier Reef?

    4 May 2016
    The largest coral reef in the world could disappear in 20 years, altering our entire planetary ecosystem. Amid the alarming studies, some solutions are emerging.

    Shamengo round table on Polyter

    11 February 2016
    The first results of studies on Polyter were revealed at the round table organised by Shamengo on December 3, 2015 as part of the COP21. We were joined by our pioneer Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno, inventor of this natural water-retaining fertiliser.

    Take part in the COP21 with Shamengo

    9 October 2015
    No need to wait—join our team for your first challenge: the construction of the Shamengo Villa in le Bourget!

    On the road to the COP21

    9 October 2015
    Our video offers you a sneak preview of the COP21, the beginning of a voyage into Shamengo country. Along your journey, we will invite you to take part in a number of challenges to make the world greener. Your surprise destination will be revealed on December 3. Have a pleasant trip!

    Let’s do it on the Mediterranean coast!

    6 May 2015
    On May 9&10, 2015, the international Let's Do It community is organising the largest ever volunteer clean up of the Mediterranean basin. A schooner flying the flag "Let's do It Mediterranean" will be the ambassador of the event.