Sustainable mobility

    Francesca Miazzo Jessica Spadacini

    amsterdam / Netherlands
    I carry fruit and vegetables in the last mile

    This last mile delivery. A real headache for carriers. Indeed, it is the most difficult to manage and also the most polluting and expensive. Francesca, a young Italian urban planner took up the challenge in Amsterdam to make the fruit and vegetable delivery service environment friendly and competitive. Informative !

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    Shamengo fait voyager SNCF Réseau en Suisse !

    3 March 2018
    Du 29 janvier au 2 février dernier

    Rémi Succoja lève plus de 800.000 €

    8 January 2018
    en moins de 6 semaines !

    Shamengo at Tuesdays at ARENE in Paris

    21 June 2016
    On Tuesday, June 14, Catherine Berthillier was the guest speaker at ARÈNE Ile-de-France, the regional agency that supports French territories in their efforts to transition to green energy. She hosted a conference on innovation at the heart of the transformation of the territories.

    Will electric buses save Paris?

    1 June 2016
    Air pollution affects more than eight in ten citizens in the world. To improve air quality, the city of Paris has begun to replace its diesel buses with fully electric vehicles.

    Low-tech odyssey!

    3 March 2016
    Corentin de Châtelperron has just set off in his catamaran made of bio-composite materials for a 3- year expedition around the world of low-tech. The Itinerary of a spoiled pioneer!

    Shamengo workshops COP21 at Le Bourget

    25 November 2015
    Ecology is fun! Participate in the COP21 Shamengo workshops lead by experts, partners and pioneers.