I turn water from your toilet into drinking water

The rapidly increasing population of Singapore is forcing the city-state to come to terms with a growing need for clean water.In the 1970s, George Madhavan and his team of engineers developed a novel wastewater treatment process that works even for sewage! The huge water treatment plant in Singapore is now held up as a model worldwide, and many recent initiatives taken inspiration from it.

I export Bangladeshi Street Art

In Bangladesh, painters decorate the backs of rickshaws, giving an incomparable charm to city streets. Unfortunately, printed advertisements are gradually replacing traditional street art. In Dacca, the capital, Luc Jonveaux came up with a solution in the form of an original and socially responsible gift idea.

I created the Repair Café

Older generations have a hard time understanding our throwaway consumer culture. Industry seems to have no scruples about the planned obsolescence of the things we buy, which keeps us locked in unreasonable levels of consumption. Disgusted by the status quo, Martine Postman created Repair Cafés, where people can bring their broken goods to be repaired by expert geeks–from irons to coffee machines, wireless phones to children’s toys.

I created the world’s simplest toilets

To prevent the spread of pathogens in nature, Anders developed the “PeePoo bag”, a toilet in the form of a bio-degradable plastic bag, which is then used to make agricultural compost. It’s a rudimentary method, incredibly useful in the overcrowded slums of Africa.

I invented a machine to dye fabric with vegetable scraps

Concerned about the adverse effects of chemical dyes on the environment, Aurelia decided to start manufacturing clothes made from natural dyes … except that there was no machine on the market for small batch productions. There is now– thanks to Aurelia!

My technology reduces maritime shipping emissions

There’s a lot of attention given to the sulphur emitted by the more than one billion cars in use around the world. Much less to the sulphur emissions from 50,000 huge merchant navy ships, which are 7 times greater. Jacques Brémond tackles this problem … successfully, as you’ll see from his portrait.

These wood bricks don’t need nails, screws, or glue

Could building a house be as easy as playing with Legos? It is now, thanks to the technique developed by Patricia and her husband Alain. With a simple rubber hammer, the walls of an eco home can be erected in just two weeks. 

I detect cataracts with a mobile phone

Tired of moving his imposing ophthalmic equipment around the most remote areas of Africa, the British doctor had the idea to simplify things by developing—along with his partners—a smartphone application that enables diagnosis of people suffering from cataracts. A happy marriage between digital technology and humanitarian commitment. We want more! 

My electric bike runs on hydrogen

Rémi loves cycling and is passionate about hydrogen. It was enough to lead this French scientist to launch the first mass production of hydrogen bikes in the world.