I invented a shrimp-based bioplastic

Javier christened his innovative material Srilk, a contraction of shrimp and silk, the two main ingredients in the 100% green plastic developed by this MIT professor. Proof that nature is really high tech!

I created an open-source machine to make natural dyes. 

Aware of the adverse effects of chemical dyes on the environment, Aurelia decided to start manufacturing clothes made from natural dyes … except that no machine existed on the market to produce small batches. Never mind, one exists today thanks to Aurelia! 

My couriers are deaf and mute

to offer employment to Indians with disabilities who have been socially ostracised, Dhruv launched a one-of-a-kind courier service. Mirakle Couriers make a million little miracles happen every day.

Tony Meloto – 26 mn portrait

Tony likes to define himself as a radical optimist. When we learned that his efforts had already helped one million Filipinos out of abject poverty and that he planned to help another 5 million by 2024, without so much as a penny in his pocket, we were ready to follow in his footsteps and make his philosophy our own. 

I make edible food packaging

How can we put an end to the plastic packaging that accompanies nearly all the food products we consume? By replacing it with edible materials! It’s a forward-looking idea from our pioneer David. Beautiful, ethical and eco.

I doubled green space by building a hotel

To restore some green to the concrete jungle, Wong Mun Summ designed an incredible garden hotel in the heart of Singapore. A true paradise on earth in a hellish mega city.

I created the bank of the poor

70% of the world’s population is unable to use banking services. To give them access to savings and credit, this philosopher has launched a one-of-a-kind banking network. Rewarding!