I take the elderly for a ride on rickshaws

Because the elderly spend most of their time locked up, this Copenhagen resident gives them the opportunity to go out for a ride on electric bicycles that he designed himself. Nothing is better for physical and mental health! An idea that has been duplicated all over the world.

I’m the first man to wear sanitary pads

Muru has dedicated his life to developing the cheapest, most environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible sanitary pads on the market. His story is both unusual and fascinating. He is one of the best advocates for women’s health and wellbeing.

I use your jeans to insulate your house

70 million jeans are thrown away every year in France and so the founder of the ‘Relais’ wanted to do something about it. He’s created a production chain that upcycles this high quality cotton fibre. An excellent example of circular economy.

I rediscover the beauty of small meadow flowers through my camera lens.

For this explorer of the floral world, who has named himself the first “exflorateur” on the planet, it is essential that city-dwellers who are more and more distanced from the natural world understand the need to protect biodiversity. His striking haute-couture plant creations certainly cause us to stop and reflect.

I install air-conditioning systems above your head

Because using electric air conditioning against heat waves makes the problem worse, this guy with a solid experience in the construction industry changed jobs to successfully launch a rooftop vegetation project. And promote a unique system of its kind. Refreshing!

I manufacture fabric out of milk leftovers

This young German lady is both a fashion designer and microbiologist with a passion for ecology. That’s why, she managed to manufacture a 100% natural ecological fiber out of milk ! Yes indeed, it’s possible using industrial methods. A new vision of fashion. 

I carry fruit and vegetables in the last mile

This last mile delivery. A real headache for carriers. Indeed, it is the most difficult to manage and also the most polluting and expensive. Francesca, a young Italian urban planner took up the challenge in Amsterdam to make the fruit and vegetable delivery service environment friendly and competitive. Informative !

I breathe new life into ancestral seeds

Vandana Shiva is a world star of the anti-globalization movement in the field of agriculture. As in a David and Goliath struggle, she ruthlessly fights against the agrochemical business giants. But, on top of being a gifted speaker, Vandana has been striving for years to collect Indian seeds in order to store them in a seed bank. A priceless heritage that would have been lost without her.