I invented flexible solar panels

Alan Heeger

USA, Europe / Santa Barbara
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
This Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry found the means to print photovoltaic cells onto flexible, transparent plastic. Thanks to his invention, a new field of possibilities for daily life is opening. Inspiring.

Alan’s portrait was one of the first we filmed for Shamengo. We hadn’t really figured out the format of the program, and to ensure we didn’t miss anything, we hit Alan with a barrage of questions, all of which he responded to with infinite patience. It isn’t every day you get to talk to a Nobel Prize winner…

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Lenny Alba

Actualités du pionnier

An organic revolution in information transmission

15 April 2015
Researchers from the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR) have successfully developed flexible and printable organic circuits—on the skin.