My train-hospital traverses India to bring free healthcare to the poorest of society

Dr Rajnish Gourth is the director of the train-hospital Lifeline Express, created and run by the NGO Impact India Foundation in 1991. This train, equipped with the latest technology, traverses India to cure the most deprived of the country. 40 volunteer doctors and surgeons have treated around 1.2 million patients since 1991. The Lifeline Express was awarded the Prize of Excellence in Public Services by the UN and has been nicknamed “the magical train”.

Je dresse des cartes pour protéger les droits des pêcheurs du Tamil Nadu

Saravanan, un pêcheur de l’Etat du Tamil Nadu en Inde, a pris l’initiative de cartographier tous les villages côtiers afin de les protéger des grands projets d’infrastructures et des activités industrielles. Ces cartes participent également à la préservation de l’environnement. A l’aide d’un système d’information géographique, les cartes permettent d’illustrer la façon dont les pêcheurs utilisent les terres. En se basant sur des techniques de cartographie participative, de registres officiels et de données historiques, Saravanan a déjà recensé près de 35 villages et envisage de cartographier ceux situés en bordure de l’océan Indien et du golfe du Bengale.

I breathe new life into ancestral seeds

Vandana Shiva is a world star of the anti-globalization movement in the field of agriculture. As in a David and Goliath struggle, she ruthlessly fights against the agrochemical business giants. But, on top of being a gifted speaker, Vandana has been striving for years to collect Indian seeds in order to store them in a seed bank. A priceless heritage that would have been lost without her.

We save lovers from death

In India, so-called “honour crimes” are rife. Young people who want to marry for love face paying a high price. To prevent the worst acts of violence, Sanjay and Harsh started Love Commandos. It’s an incredible effective support network that gives star-crossed lovers the chance to live happily ever after.