Responsible tourism

    Jan Peter Bergkvist

    stockholm / Sweden
    I co-created the world’s first chain of eco-hotels

    Jan and all employees of the Scandic hotel chain brainstormed on how to save water, electricity, heating and detergents to make their hotels greener. Many hotels could learn from the accomplishments of this great team.

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    Portable holiday rental

    21 January 2015
    The Scandic hotel chain, founded by one of our pioneers, has dreamed up a new concept for 2015. With the success of their eco-friendly, energy-efficient hotels, they’re once again setting out to revolutionise the hotel business, this time with a portable hotel room. It’s a one-of-a-kind lodging that can go anywhere a guest wishes to stay.

    Porto Madeira: Le 6ème Continent

    6 August 2013
    Misa, artiste reconnue sur la scène internationale, et son association ABI-DJAN ont crée en 2008 un espace où Art et Nature se retrouvent en harmonie. Court portrait de ce grand projet.