A great territory for experimentation with a high quality of life

A city that reinvents itself

Bordeaux has been voted First World Tourism Destination in 2017 by the Los Angeles Times and the Lonely Planet. It welcomes an increasing number of visitors each year: 7 million in 2017, 14 million forecasted in ten years. Why such an enthusiasm?

Bordeaux is now two hours from Paris by train. It’s not just the wine capital of the world. It is also a metropolis with the look of a ‘European California’ that attracts the talents of the new economy by offering them a unique social and environmental area for experimentation.

The Villa Shamengo project is part of the 2030 Regional Development Strategy, ‘Grand Bordeaux: from a crescent to a full moon’. As part of this Operation of National Interest (OIN), Bordeaux intends to assert itself as one of the major European cities of the 21st century.


It will open its doors in Bordeaux for five years.
It will then be disassembled and relocated to another city.

A project with social goals

The Villa Shamengo is the result of a co-construction citizen-centred project. Since the beginning of the project, it has brought together many members from the civil society, the public and private sectors: parents, schoolchildren, students, innovators, civil servants, employees of leading companies… Hundreds of people, including many individuals from Bordeaux, are enthusiastically involved in this project which benefits many.

This unprecedented cooperation aims not only to give birth to a ‘best living together’ urban example, but also to test new kinds of governance and working methodologies to best integrate the wealth of all stakeholders.

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