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Bordeaux Métropole

The city of Bordeaux has applied to host the first Villa Shamengo. The Bordeaux metropolitan area is increasing its attractiveness in France and internationally, thanks to several major urban development projects, but also by focusing on cutting-edge and key sectors such as digital technology, creative economy, green areas and high value-added services.

Bordeaux Euratlantique

Bordeaux Euratlantique, a local public development agency (EPA), is a true Living Lab, land of hosting innovative projects with the aim of developing and replicating on a bigger scale. It helps and supports numerous initiatives that contribute to the ecological transition: Green Tech, timber construction and social actions on land management specific changes.

Groupe Caisse des Dépôts

The Caisse des Dépôts Group supports large national strategic public policies of general interests and economic development of the country. It has historically supported the evolution of French society. Today, it mainly acts on 4 areas: territorial, ecological and energy, digital, demographic and social transitions.


ADEME, a public agency, is fully involved in the implementation of public policies in environmental, energy and sustainable developments. It contributes to the financing of projects, research and implementation, in 5 areas of intervention: waste; polluted lands and wasteland; energy and climate; air and noise; transversal actions.


Eiffage positions itself as an ecologically and socially responsible actor. From Phosphore, its prospective laboratory for sustainable cities, to Astainable®, a digital urban design tool, Eiffage provides innovations to the construction of a sustainable future. The group, furthermore, pledges, through the Eiffage Foundation, its contribution to general interest association.


Electriciens sans frontières

Restaurant C'Yusha

2PM Architecture


FCBA supports the Villa Shamengo via a Franco-Japanese research project for housing and health, carried out in partnership with Suteki company. Its aim is to assess how wood housing may impact the key drivers of health.

Hiren Patel Architects

La Maison écocitoyenne

The mission of the Eco-Citizen House is to enable the Bordeaux people, starting with elements of their individual lifestyles, to act on a daily basis, to change their mindset and provoking the desire to act. Listed in the Agenda 21 of the city, it is at the same time a resource centre, a place of exhibitions, a living space and an area of exchange, encouraging  eco-citizenship and the preservation of the planet to become everyone’s business.

Aquitaine Croissance verte

This association created on the initiative of the Regional Council is a consortium of innovative and eco-responsible entrepreneurs from the Aquitaine region. It views sustainable development a drive for growth. Its aim is to develop economic activity and employment in ‘green’ areas in the New Aquitaine region.



Shamengo is a partner of the program Promising driven by the University of Grenoble-Alpes. Promising’s ambition is to develop a culture of innovation and creativity skills adapted to complexity and transversality of practices and needs for agility of our 21st century society through active, interdisciplinary and open pedagogical method.


The ESD, Superior School of Digital studies, is a veritable crossroads of the numerical world that brings together the skills of a communication school (École supérieure de publicité) and one of the first design schools in France (École de Condé). Its innovative teaching approach identifies the challenges of the digital revolution and is based on the best know-how of the digital eco-system.

Ecole de Condé

Specialized in the training of design, graphic arts, photography and heritage restoration, the Ecole de Condé is a strong institution with 9 campuses in France and Italy. It is the only school to offer a cross-disciplinary program of design up to the master level. Shamengo is a partner of the Ecole de Condé de Bordeaux


Les toits Vertige



The mission of the Syndicat Mixte intercommunal de Collecte et de Valorisation du Libournais (Haute-Gironde) is to prevent, to collect and to treat of waste from 141 municipalities (+200,000 inhabitants). The SMICVAL brings together skills and resources to implement on a large scale a multi-channel management of waste, favouring the sorting at the beginning.









CMF Group



Base Innovation

AKTA Béton Végétal


Evolution of technologies, uses and mobility, environmental and social emergencies, etc. Beyond transportation safety, the problems encountered by SNCF Réseau evolve and become more complex. The answer to these challenges is based on innovation and sustainable development, the preservation of resources and biodiversity.