Trade your steak for bugs!

Cédric Auriol

France / Toulouse
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted

Cedric launched the first insect farm in France because this new source of protein can be a viable response to an ever-increasing demand for meat at a global level, giving your recipes a new twist.                                                                                                                       


Cedric is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs that seeks to combine ethics and business. Combining social and environmental issues is his business! His intriguing initiative triggered a great deal of enthusiasm and now he a new problem; dealing with an abundance of requests!


Interact, support, talk !

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Actualités du pionnier

Cédric Auriol joins the Shamengo Villa

27 April 2016
One of the great challenges of the 21st century will be feeding 9 billion people while maintaining the ecological balance of the planet.