I use ducks instead of pesticides in my rice fields

Takao Furuno

Japan / fukuoka
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted

To combat the avalanche of pesticides used in rice farming, Takao found the perfect weapon: ducks! These waterfowl feast on all manner of parasites, generate fertilizer and brighten the landscape.


Those who have been lucky enough to meet Takao know that he is a tireless worker, passionate about organic farming and nature, and that he welcomes everyone with great generosity. We can attest to this after the sublime meal he treated us to. On the menu? Duck and rice, of course!


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Actualités du pionnier

When ducks fly to the rescue of rice

21 April 2015
To grow his organic rice in France’s Camargue region, Bernard Poujol uses an unusual technique: ducks in his rice fields eliminate the need for pesticides. He imported the idea from our Japanese pioneer Takao Furuno.