Charlie Thierry Ledé & Charlie Sansonetti

    Paris / France
    Trash from the sea is treasure for our art
    While vacationers bask on the beaches of L’île de Beauté, these three childhood friends fill bags full of objects that the sea has washed ashore and turn them into works of art. Lighters, flip-flops, tubes of sunscreen and all the products our throwaway culture are exhibited in art galleries to help educate art lovers about ecological issues.

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    Shamengo, partenaire du cycle de conférences DEMARCHE

    8 January 2018
    Shamengo est heureux de soutenir le cycle de conférences DEMARCHE qui vise à réconcilier éthique, art et modes de vie durable. Rendez-vous à la Maison des Acteurs du Paris durable le 15 janvier à 19h00, 21 rue des blancs manteaux, 75004 Paris. Thématique de notre 1ère rencontre : L’Art, Pratiques esthétiques, quels impacts éthiques ? Inscription gratuite mais […]

    Design thinking workshops

    25 January 2017
    Shamengo Villa

    Shamengo Villa attracts design talent

    21 November 2016
    Partnership with Ecole de Condé and ESD Bordeaux

    Nina Raeber: inspired and ethical accessories!

    17 March 2016
    Returning from Haiti, our pioneer Nina Raeber is relocating her business to Switzerland and launching a new collection of bags inspired by the traditional embroidery and beading of voodoo flags.

    Valérie Pache joins the Shamengo Villa

    23 February 2016
    Valérie Pache has just signed an exclusive agreement with the French Parachuting Federation and is joining the Shamengo villa.

    Shop ethical products to support Marron Rouge

    20 January 2016
    Want something special but don’t want to spend a fortune? Astroturf, air tubes, bags of cement—they’re all valuable materials for Jean-Marc Attia, our design partner for the Shamengo Villa at the COP 21, who recycles them to make accessories and designer furniture.