Learn to praise yourself

Jean Kabuta

Africa, Europe / Kinshasa
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
We are all sensitive to compliments. If you deserve them them, try this popular African tradition called Kasala, which is the practice of praising yourself in a public setting. It’s good for morale, self-esteem, and social engagement. A refreshing form of therapy.

Promoting oneself in public isn’t exactly common practice, and it doesn’t come easily. When Jean convinced us to try it, the words wouldn’t come out. Though no one knows our qualities better than we do, it seems we find it easier to point out our faults…

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Simon Carroll
  2. Elodie Genries
    1. Margaux Shamengo

Actualités du pionnier

Release of J. Kabuta’s book on Kasàlà

19 March 2015
Jean Kabuta, an inspiring Congolese preacher, shares his culture and his trans- generational heritage with his new book, Kasàlà: a school of wonder.