I created a fabric from the lotus flower

Awen Delaval

Cambodia / Siem Reap
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
It was by chance that this Frenchman discovered the fibres in the lotus stem resembled silk threads. That was all the impetus he needed to pursue the production of a vegetable silk fabric. It was a diamond in the rough.

The lotus flower is the symbol of Cambodia. With Awen, we were able to shoot from all angles in a longboat in the middle of his 25 acres of lotus fields. Divine!

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Actualités du pionnier

A Shamengo intern in Cambodia

21 June 2016
Bruno Anes, a Master’s student in Innovation at the University of Grenoble, is doing a 4-month internship at Samatoa, the company started by our pioneer Awen Delaval. Bruno offers his thoughts on this unusual work experience, organised in partnership with the Promising program.

Awen Delaval joins the Shamengo Villa

27 April 2016
Based in Cambodia, French pioneer Awen Delaval manufactures lotus thread, the only natural microfiber in the world.

Samatoa lance sa campagne Flower Power sur Kickstarter !

29 April 2015
Le projet Samatoa à l’initiative de notre pionnier Awen Delaval, a permis de créer un tissu unique à base de fibre de Lotus. Aujourd’hui, il lance une campagne de crowdfunding pour créer 500 emplois supplémentaires au Cambodge grâce à cette activité.

Awen Delaval partners with ethical accessories brand

11 February 2015
The year is off to a good start for our pioneer Awen Delaval – creator of a unique fabric made from lotus – who has just secured a partnership with the ethical jewellery brand Novoda.

Awen Delaval tisse sa toile… avec Nodova Mékong

5 March 2014
Bon début d’année pour notre pionnier Awen Delaval – créateur d’une fibre unique à base de lotus – puisqu’il vient de sceller un partenariat avec la marque de bijoux éthiques Nodova.

Une nouvelle ferme à lotus ouvre ses portes au Cambodge

2 January 2014
Notre pionnier Awen Delaval a créé un incroyable tissu à base de lotus il y a quelques années. D’abord confidentiel, ce tissu est peu à peu en train de se démocratiser.