I purify water with solar energy

David Wadström

Kenya, Nepal, Mexico, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Chile / Stockholm
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Her invention resembles a simple jerry can. But it is the fruit of years of technological research. Its function: transforming bacteria-infested water into drinking water in just a few hours. Magic.

We were delighted to discover that David, Petra’s son, is a filmmaker, and we had the good fortune of being able to use some of his images of Nairobi and Kenya in our montage.

Interact, support, talk !

  1. haithem mimouni
  2. boris baudel
  3. Fabio Duwe
  4. Amour SEGLA
  5. Josué Obando
  6. Syl Traci
  7. christine Jacquemin
  8. claude guillemin

Actualités du pionnier

Du Flocon à la Vague supports Solvatten

27 January 2016
Du Flocon à la Vague (From Snowflake to Wave) has decided to donate a portion of its 2015 profits to Shamengo and our pioneers! From among the 200 Shamengo pioneers, the team selected Petra Wadström to receive funding. It’s a natural choice for this Biarritz-based association that educates citizens, businesses and communities about water preservation.

Solvatten on the front line

1 July 2015
After months of preparation, Solvatten water purifiers have reached the Darashakran refugee camp in Kurdistan.

Our pioneer meets with… Obama!

19 February 2014
Seven minutes with president Obama is something that Petra will not forget…

Solvatten’s been recognized as one of the top water initiatives in the world !

19 February 2014
Our swedish pioneer is so popular these days ! Since the 1000 Pioneers event, she has been everywhere !