I pay you back for recycling

Benoit Paget

France / Paris
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Their machine is worthy of its name: the Canibal. Benoit et Stéphane install these receptacles in offices as a fun way to recycle bottles and cups and cans. A jackpot for users and the environment.

As seasoned veterans in communications (their former trade) Benoit et Stéphane always have the perfect sound bites to describe their playful compactor-recycler. But don’t let the slick presentation fool you–they aren’t afraid to pour their hearts out and expose themselves.

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Corinne Rohrbacher
  2. Françoise Stoeffler-Kern
  3. André BROUCHET
  4. André BROUCHET
  5. André BROUCHET

Actualités du pionnier

Canibal makes an appearance at music festivals

3 September 2015
At the Rock en Seine festival August 28-30 in Paris, festivalgoers visiting the Kronenbourg kiosk had the chance to try out a recycling centre complete with smart recycling machines made by Canibal.

Canibal upcycles your plastic cups

8 April 2015
Before now, there has been no recycling system in place in France for plastic cups. Thanks to the ingenuity of our pioneer Benedict Paget these cups now have an environmentally-friendly and practical use.

The Nicolas Hulot Foundation needs your voice on climate!

11 March 2015
The Nicolas Hulot Foundation (FNH) is rolling out a platform to give visibility to anyone with a great idea to tackle climate change. My Positive Impact is a ‘crowdliking’ campaign that relies on public participation to put forward the best initiatives. Two Shamengo pioneers were among the candidates selected to participate.