I capture CO2 with micro-algae

pierre calleja

France / Libourne
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
His invention could change the face of the world if it can be made 100% reliable, efficient, and inexpensive. The first prototype of his CO2 capture lamp already has already garnered a lot of press attention. It’s a must see.

Pierre is a researcher who comes up with a thousand ideas a minute. Taking two days of his time in his full- to-the-brim schedule, he was a tour de force of energy that would be hard to replicate. But since he’s promised to teach us how to make a carbon capture lamp, we’re crossing our figures that the miracle happens again.

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Actualités du pionnier

Fermentalg takes flight

14 October 2015
The biotechnology company run by our pioneer Pierre Calleja has the wind in its sails! Their biofuel will power the first-ever transatlantic flight of the hybrid aircraft the “Eraole”.

Fermentalg ramps up microalgae production

25 February 2015
Great news for Fermentalg: the biotechnology company headed by our pioneer Pierre Calleja is partnering with leaders in the chemical & industrial fermentation industry to form the Trans’Alg consortium. Their aim is to produce alternatives to petroleum-based fuel and other products using microalgae.