We shine a green light on factory emissions

Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen

Europe / Paris
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
These two artists target factory smoke with a huge green laser. It’s the best way to surprise passers-by and encourage them to think about the air pollution we generate.

To enrich our shoot, Helen and Heiko invited us to one of their installations on the theme of air travel pollution. They tried to fly a remote-controlled plane but the engine broke apart before they could even activate the smoke. A reminder that the success of an art installation is never guaranteed.

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Actualités du pionnier

New project for HeHe collective on Paris’s ‘Petite Ceinture’

13 May 2015
The Anglo-German artist duo Hehe – Helen Evan and Heiko Hansen – are back with an urban project called “Metronome”. They’ve applied their creative touch to the disused Paris highline railway for a poetic journey combining art, design and technology.