I help paraplegics to walk again

Amit Goffer

Israel, Europe, USA / Yokneam
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Amit does not believe in miracles. But thanks to his invention he has the power to command some paralyzed people to: “arise and walk.” A spectacular technological breakthrough.

Seeing a paraplegic get up from his wheelchair and start walking for the first time was a very emotional experience for us. To see him then walk down the stairs to join us for a drink at the pub on the corner seemed literally un-be-lieve-able. One thing’s for sure—Amit’s invention works.

Interact, support, talk !

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  6. Miravo Raf

Actualités du pionnier

L’exosquelette ReWalk est lancé en Inde

7 July 2015
Notre entreprise pionnière ReWalk vient de sceller un partenariat avec Saimed Innovations (leader sur le marché des technologies médicales) pour distribuer son système d’exosquelette en Inde.

ReWalk exoskeleton approved for residential use in USA

21 October 2014
In 2001, Amit Goffer created the ReWalk exoskeleton, which allows paralyzed people to walk again. With this advanced support structure, users can regain the capacity to walk independently, after a period of training. This revolutionary system is now available to American and Canadian homes!

ReWalk as one of the 25 best inventions of the year 2013

17 December 2013
Amit Goffer is a great Shamengo pioneer, his invention, ReWalk was added to the list of the best things that were invented in 2013.