I train rats to detect landmines

Bart Weetjens

Tanzania, Mozambique, Thailand, Angola, Cambodia. / Morogoro
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Why be afraid of rats when they can save lives? Bart’s rats have been trained to detect landmines, proving their worth every day. They are incredibly effective at their job and truly deserve their nickname: Hero Rats.

Bart has been a rat lover since childhood. But playing with the animals his parents bought for him, he never imagined he would some day become one of their most outspoken advocates. Just as he never thought he would be meditating in a kimono in the center of Morogoro when as a teenager he wanted to become a career soldier.

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Actualités du pionnier

When Glam meets APOPO super heroes

18 November 2015
American actress Minae Noji is the first ambassador for the NGO APOPO – Shamengo pionner – whose minesweeping rats save thousands of lives.

Hero Rats in Cambodia

16 July 2015
An army of landmine-sniffing rats is on the move in Cambodia

Quand les rats deviennent les meilleurs amis des agriculteurs Mozambicains

30 December 2014
L’armée de rats d’APOPO a relevé le défi de détecter 10 000 mines dans la province de Tete, la plus touchée au Mozambique.