I transform sacks of fish food into chic shopping bags.

Nina Raeber

Cambodia / Lausanne
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Cambodians have a flair for design, even when decorating humble bags of fish food. That was all this stylist needed to  decide to transform these utilitarian sacks for a Western market. The result is beautifully exotic product with a social mission, allowing women to escape from prostitution.

When filming in the factory in Phnom Penh we found out that Nina’s subcontractor manufactures a line of products similar to hers, which it sells in the United States. Met with our dismay, Nina responded: “Welcome to the world of social entrepreneurship!”

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Actualités du pionnier

Nina Raeber: inspired and ethical accessories!

17 March 2016
Returning from Haiti, our pioneer Nina Raeber is relocating her business to Switzerland and launching a new collection of bags inspired by the traditional embroidery and beading of voodoo flags.

Collpart’s new ‘Zeppelin’ collection: reared in the open air !

16 January 2014
Nina has launched her new collection of bags, upcycled from old Zeppelins and made by a family workshop in Belgrade…