I created Clean Up Day

Rainer Nolvak

Worldwide / Tallinn
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
For Rainer, picking up litter should be everyone’s business. Once a year, he organises a World Clean Up Day, which mobilises millions of people around the world to help pick up garbage. His movement has already made history.

When we joked with Rainer that it was totally crazy to have started Clean Up Day…he responded that it was totally crazy to have started Shamengo. That must be why Rainer wanted to be here in October 2011 for the launch of our totally crazy Shamengo project

Interact, support, talk !

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  2. Liz Fouix
    1. Margaux Shamengo
  3. Stiven Kerestegian
  4. yves bastenier
  5. Margaux Shamengo
  6. Céline Fontesse
  7. arnaud velay
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Actualités du pionnier

Do you speak Shamengo? Yes, with TV5 Monde!

24 June 2015
Thanks to our partnership with TV5 Monde, Shamengo is becoming a pedagogical resource. Our pioneer portraits are now being used to help French language learners.

Let’s do it on the Mediterranean coast!

6 May 2015
On May 9&10, 2015, the international Let’s Do It community is organising the largest ever volunteer clean up of the Mediterranean basin. A schooner flying the flag “Let’s do It Mediterranean” will be the ambassador of the event.

Successful Clean Up Day 2014

23 October 2014
Last September 27, no fewer than 40 official clean-up events and many more spontaneous clean-up operations took place across France. National Clean Up Day 2014, organised by Let’s Do It France, is a growing mobilisation effort that testifies to the French investment in environmental issues.

Stigo wins the EDF pulse prize !

13 May 2014
Rainer is the first “double” Shamengo Pioneer. After the Clean Up Day, he moves onto another innovation: Stigo, the first foldable and super light electric scooter.