I photograph thousands of people in the nude

Spencer Tunick

World / New-York
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
With his collective nude photos, this world-renowned photographer questions the relationship between our bodies and the spaces we inhabit on a daily basis. A beautiful way to liberate us from our hang-ups.

We met Spencer in Paris during an event organised by Greenpeace. We tried to interview him in the Palais Royal gardens but as soon as our tripod touched the ground, the guards ordered us out. Spencer told us he was used to this kind of thing and that he takes most of his photos on the fly.

Interact, support, talk !

Actualités du pionnier

A powerful tribute

14 January 2015
New-York born artist and Shamengo pioneer Spencer Tunick paid tribute this week to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre with two photos, accompanied by the message ‘Vive la liberté! Vive la France!’ The photos depict female nudes along with traditional symbols of the French republic: the French tricolour flag and the Tour Eiffel.

Spencer Tunick en lice pour la Nuit des Musées

9 January 2014
Spencer fait cette année partie de la Connect10 competition, lancée à l’occasion des nuits des musées en Grande-Bretagne qui se dérouleront les 15,16 et 17 Mai prochains.