I invented a sail to power cargo ships

Stephan Wrage

Germany / Hambourg
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Wind is one of the greenest energy sources in the world. This German engineer harnesses its power and helps to reduce the energy bills of supertankers with a giant sail deployed by at 300 metres in the air.

Filming the freighters that use Stephan’s invention is not easy. Most of them are at sea for 6-12 months. Their few stops are determined by the vagaries of the weather, and these professionals don’t have much time for journalists who haven’t got their sea legs!

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  2. robert rossière
  3. Georges Mykoniatis
  4. François Ginisty
    1. Ferdinand Pasquet
  5. Mihal Loska
  6. Guillaume CALABRETTO
  7. André BROUCHET
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