I tag your CV to help you find work


Europe / Malmö
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
This street artist thumbs his nose at negative stereotypes about graffiti, helping the unemployed to find jobs by tagging their CVs on the walls of the city where they live.

We started the portrait of Ruskig at the Grandes Traversées festival in Bordeaux. A master of discretion, it was only later in Sweden that we discovered that Ruskig is a street art star in his country. His fame was sealed when we were sold a postage stamp featuring a reproduction of one of his works!

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Actualités du pionnier

Ruskig, a street artist of many talents

20 May 2015
Graffiti king and Shamengo pioneer Ruskig is known for his work volunteer tagging the CVs of unemployed people who have sought his help. Here is an overview of his latest creative projects.