The statues I sculpt weigh only a few grams

Philippe Brousseau

Cambodia, France / siem reap
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
After being fired by one of the leading manufacturers of Carnivale masks, this French designer went to live near the temples of Angkor. He then improved upon the traditional technique of paper maché to give life to unbelievable statues whose secret he alone knows. All are locally produced with recycled materials.

Behind the scenes: It was on our way back from a shop to buy souvenirs that we discovered the work of Philippe. Like everyone else, we were totally fooled by the illusion he creates and we loved this sleight-of-hand… which was socially and environmentally responsible.

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Actualités du pionnier

Shamengo internship: ticket to Cambodia

17 June 2015
Alexandra, a student in the Promising university network has departed for Cambodia to work with one of our pioneers. It’s a first stamp in her passport to the world.

A student’s travel diary in Cambodia

25 April 2014
Today, it’s Chloé’s adventures at Philippe’s home in Cambodia that we relate !

First edition of the Shamengo’s pioneers’ intern !

14 April 2014
Earlier on this year, we were announcing our partnership with Promising, a university program, gathering 7 universities, designed to promote and develop innovation. Three students left to complete an internship among two of our pioneers… We wish them Bon Voyage and loads of beautiful discoveries !