I can recycle anything you throw away

Tom Szaky

Worldwide / Trenton
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Tom invented a new plastic material made in part from the millions of tonnes of waste that consumers sent to him in by post. He accepted everything, even cigarette butts and diapers! Simply brilliant.

Tom had to get down and dirty in piles of garbage several times for the purposes of our shoot. An usual position for a millionaire!



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Actualités du pionnier

Les créations Terracycle en un clic !

9 July 2015
Des déchets pour remplir votre panier de shopping tout en faisant un geste pour la planète, c’est ce que vous propose à présent TerraCycle sur la boutique en ligne internationale Etsy.

TerraCycle tackles cigarette butts

28 January 2015
TerraCycle, the international social enterprise founded by our pioneer Tom Szaky, is poised to solve the problem of cigarette butt litter in the United States. Tom has implemented a large-scale collection system for cities.

Recycling is now!

6 September 2013
France still needs to get on with it!