I build houses out of hemp concrete

Laurent Goudet

France / baud
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Did you know that 75% of the beaches on the planet are currently disappearing in order to build cities out of concrete ? Did you also know that the sand used for construction can be replaced by vegetal fibers such as hemp ? If you’ve just found out, we invite you to watch the portrait video of Laurent Goudet who has been developing for 30 years an eco-friendly material with exceptional thermal performance. It rocks of course !

In order to locate Laurent, it is useless to pace up and down TV chat shows or attend meetings organized by think tanks about tomorrow’s world. You’re better off putting on your boots without being afraid of construction sites’ dust. Laurent is hard working and passionate about all ecological construction techniques among which hemp concrete of course. He also has immense knowledge to share. He just needs to make himself known… and we are delighted to help him do so !

Interact, support, talk !