we set up schools in the most unlikely places

Arnoud Raskin & Ann Van Hellemont

Kenya / louvain
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted

Because millions of children are deprived of an education, Arnoud and Ann set up schools in the most unlikely places, even in huge dumping sites where children sort trash to survive. Their program is called Mobile School, and it’s a great lesson in humanity.


Arnoud and Ann are clearly part of this new generation of social entrepreneurs. Intelligent, humanist and open to the world, they know how to do everything. Develop innovative teaching tools, repair the school trailer and woo sponsors over cocktails! We had great fun following this dynamic duo.


Interact, support, talk !

  1. Abdellatif TOUAZI
  2. susan helm
  3. Geneviève Chérubin
  4. Geneviève Chérubin
  5. Camille Choplin