My invention revolutionises personal mobility

Shane Chen

United States / Portland
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted

It’s a truly disruptive invention. When Shane introduced the equivalent of a UFO to the world of transport, he never expected that he’d become rich and famous. 


It’s actually Shane’s invention that’s getting all the attention. The man himself is more discreet and prefers spending time in his workshop to making the rounds of television chat shows. Since we love carpenter’s benches, oily rags, and avid tinkerers, we felt right at home!


Interact, support, talk !

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  2. denis benoit
  3. François M

Actualités du pionnier

Cult science program returns to the web

6 October 2015
Fans nostalgic for the French cult show l’Esprit Sorcier (“The Sorcerer’s Spirit”) will be delighted to learn that Fred and his team are back for version 2.0. The show has landed on the net for new scientific adventures, some of them featuring our Shamengo pioneers!