I trade your trash for organic food

Martha Delgado

Mexico / Mexico City
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
To raise awareness among Mexicans about the moutains of garbage being produced in the country, Martha invites people to sell their non-organic trash items in exchange for locally grown organic vegetables

The barter market has been such a success that residents have asked to make it a weekly rather than a monthly event. Martha can’t help them, as she is no longer involved in overseeing the program. It’s a shame because we are 200% behind the ideas of this caring and solution-driven woman, who has a total command of the politics surrounding garbage. She’s one to follow.

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Actualités du pionnier

Martha Delgado joins the Shamengo Villa

1 June 2016
Shamengo pioneer and a leading figure in the environmental movement in Mexico, Martha Delgado is supporting the construction project of the Shamengo Villa in Bordeaux.